Rutu Enterprises was formed to share the unique aspects of Indian Culture with the Multi-Cultural and diverse society within the United States.

Some of our Activities to date include:
• Teaching Tabla and Harmonium.
• Performing Hindu religious functions including weddings and other Hindu ceremonies.
• Organizing Hindustani Classical Music concerts in and around Cleveland, Ohio.
• Hosting Artists from India.
• Developing Audio/Visual Tools.

A new book was just published at the BMM Convention on 6th of July, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
The new book is titled…


ओपा, गोवा ते क्लीव्हलंड, यूएस्‌ए व्हाया…


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This is an autobiography of Ravi Gaonkar. To see what some of the readers say about this book please go to Current Activities page.




The Book + DVD combination on India’s Cultural Heritage was published three years ago to benefit primarily the future generations of Indians.
The official Book and DVD publication was held at the Shiva ViShNu Temple in Cleveland, Ohio on GaNesh Chaturthi (9/11/10). Order your copy today by using the PayPal button below.

Special Review by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta


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50% off from cover price from now till Diwali (Nov 15th, 2013)

$14.00 in place of $28.00.
The book/DVD set is also available in India in hard Cover format and in e-book format. These are available at www.Bookganga.com
Hard Cover Price: Rs.375/$14 in place of Rs. 750/$28.00
e-book Price: Rs. 275/$10.00 in place of Rs.550/$20.00

US $14.00 (plus $3 for shipping & handling)

Lighting the Way to My Heritage
Introduction to India’s Past, Traditions and Rituals

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For a brief Bio-data of the authors go to “Testimonials” page.

• This is a first for this type of Book + DVD produced with a unique perspective!
• This Book + DVD combination will be a classic for you and your family for years to come!
• This Book + DVD will enable your children and future generations to understand their Indian cultural heritage.


Starting from a definition of “What is Heritage?” the book provides glimpses of India’s long history, Philosophy and Religions; Included is an overview of India’s rich culture that has flourished and its contributions to the world in Mathematics, Medicine, Literature, Music and Performing Arts. It discusses the salient aspects of the Hindu Dharma and provides brief biographies of notable personalities who have left an indelible mark on what India is today. Also included are sections on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a comprehensive Glossary on Hinduism.


A “Hands-on” tool which provides the ability to practice many aspects of Hinduism and Indian culture.
The DVD is narrated in English and all Sanskrit recitations are accompanied by English subtitles.
The DVD introduces the practice of prayers utilizing (39) Sanskrit Shlokas. A Poojaa Vidhi (Ritual) and the most famous Lore of Lord GaNesh “GaNapati-atharvasheerSha” is also included.



YOU CAN PURCHASE BOTH BOOKS Jidda & Lighting the Way to My Heritage
Introduction to India’s Past, Traditions and Rituals (Book and DVD) BY USING THE PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW.

jidh and lighting the way

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